How to deal with vape tongue

Although this isn’t too dangerous, vape tongue is very annoying, because you can’t enjoy vaping. This condition will occur for some time. There are a number of hours that have been healed there are also up to days. This depends on the condition of each individual’s body. On the other hand, perhaps you need to know How to Turn Wax into E Liquid  as well.

The following are tips or ways to avoid or prevent tongue:

1. Don’t vape with just one taste of the liquid.

Replace the liquid once in a while to release boredom. For example, you like chocolate flavor. After vaping for some time (like half a day). The chocolate flavor will begin to decrease. So try to replace it with another liquid flavor, of course, you also like it. Later you can replace it with chocolate flavor and feel very delicious like the first time. The point is not that. Bored.

2. Don’t chain vaping (continuously)

This is indeed not recommended because it will also make your device heat up quickly. The tongue that is given a very strong taste like the liquid we use will make the sensitivity of the tongue decrease. Plus the steam/cloud produced when this vaping feels warm. So it’s not good for the tongue. So take a break to restore the tongue.

3. Drink lots of water

What this means is not until your stomach becomes bloated. However, in order to taste it, don’t get short. Because the nature of this liquid is binding to water. So if you are vaping and you are not drinking enough to make your lips, throat, or you feel dry completely.

How to Overcome Vape Tongue

For those of you who already have vape tongue, don’t worry. We have collected the way from other vapers friends. The following are the ways:

1. Try drinking bitter coffee.
2. Place salt at the base of the tongue.
3. Drink enough water.
4. Rest, aka vaping off first for 1-2 days.