9 Signs that you’re an introvert

Have you ever thought about your personality? Is it extroverted, introverted or even ambivert? For those of you who don’t know about personality, try reading the article below. If you have nine of these personalities, that’s the sign you have an introverted personality. Meanwhile, you may visit this introvert dating website if you want to date a lovely introvert man or woman.

1. Choose for yourself.

Introverted people prefer to be alone. If alone they will feel more able to think clearly and feel much more comfortable.

2. Feel Stress in Crowd.

People with introverted personality will feel uncomfortable in the crowd. The crowd is something that must be avoided. Because it creates a feeling of stress for them.

3. Do not like pleasantries.

Introverts are people who tend to the point. They will feel uncomfortable with small talk. Because this makes them like doing things that are useless.

4. Need Time Alone After Facing Crowd.

Yup, this is true. Introverted people will need their own time after the crowd. Because for them, crowds are ‘enemies’. Crowd will cause people with an introverted personality to feel tired.

5. Avoid Public Speaking.

Like the crowd, introverts also don’t like having to speak in public. Introverts will avoid as much as possible to speak in public.

6. Choosing a Chat Instead of Calling.

Introverts will prefer to communicate via chat rather than directly via telephone. The reason is via telephone requires them to issue their voices. Sometimes this makes an introvert uncomfortable or feels this is a strange thing. Especially if you have to do a video call.

7. Have Lots of Creative Ideas.

Creative is the thing that stands out from Introverts. They have so many wild thoughts in their brains that they can make it difficult to express them.

8. Merciful.

Even though introverts are not easy to get close to someone, that doesn’t mean they don’t love someone. Introverts are loving people. Once they find the right person, they will love him very much. Even they are willing to sacrifice a lot.

9. Faithful Listeners.

An introverted figure is a person who is a patient and loyal listener. It is Because of this they will be a place to vent by many people. Calm down they will be patient to hear your stories and complaints.