Know What SEO Techniques Are Affecting Website Traffic

SEO technique and process is really needed by many people. Some of them want me to be on the first page on the Google page. However, that can happen if you use the right and maximum SEO techniques. So, all you need to do is find a good and professional SEO service. One that you can use is seo nyc. With good SEO services, the results of the SEO you can enjoy comfortable and have a good effect on your business.

Unfortunately, there are still some people who do not know for sure how SEO techniques can affect traffic on a website. In fact, there are several SEO techniques that greatly affect the results of traffic on the website. Some of the techniques in question are

– Blackhat SEO
This SEO technique is the opposite of white hat, the way it works is certainly a way that violates search engine rules. Using black hat techniques is usually faster to increase the position in the SERP. But it is not certain to guarantee that it will last long if it is kicked it is certain. This technique is carried out aggressively in building link building such as by thrashing thousands of backlinks in a short time.

– Gray hat SEO
This is an SEO technique that combines both white hat and black hat. Like leaving but not leaving completely, but looking for loopholes between the two techniques, if other terms can be said this technique uses black hat, but to achieve white hat results.

– White hat SEO
This is the SEO technique that follows the rules of search engines, and you could say this technique is a clean method. But this SEO technique requires patience and patience. The technique he does only ensure that published articles are original articles with content that matches the title. This is actually a good and safe way to do, which in the end ranks high on search engines is easy to achieve and last a long time.