How to paint a line motif wall

Has your wall covered material been coated with a beautiful and cool house paint color before? If you have, it means you have got the first coat of paint and just make a second coat of paint. The first step you take is, of course, making a line motif on the wall. You can use the help of paper tape to make this motif. The lines formed can be vertical or horizontal lines. Everything depends on your wishes. give the distance between the first line with the second line using paper tape. Do not leave the wind or air on the tape that will allow the paint to enter the bubble. On the other hand, you may visit if you want to hire a recommended exterior painters near your area.


If all the barriers have been installed neatly, then you can paint the walls of the house. Make sure you use the appropriate type of wall paint. The painting process must be done slowly and carefully. Do not let the paint cross the line that has been given tape. When it comes to masking tape, you don’t need to worry because the tape can hold the paint. Strokes are carried out continuously until all the walls are finished.

Wait for dry paint

The paint that was finished was applied and then waited until it was completely dry. If the paint has dried, take back the paper tape you have pasted. This tape must be removed if the paint is completely dry because if the paint is still wet it can risk being exposed to other parts of the paint. The final result becomes less neat.