Music is beneficial even for those who can’t play it

Music is also beneficial for you even though you can’t play an instrument. Because when listening to music there will be stimuli that are good for our physical and mental conditions. Aside from that, if you’d like to give a nice present to your beloved want who loves music, just check out the cute piano music box.


The benefits we will get are:

1. Relieve pain. From the psychological side, the pain that we feel will feel reduced. The results of research conducted by the University of Utah’s Pain Research Center revealed that by listening to music when we are sick it will make the pain and pain suffered can be reduced.

2. Improve the immune system Remarkably music is useful for maintaining our immune system. If the immune system is usually affected by the intake of nutrients that enter the body, pulling it by listening to the rhythm of music can also affect our immune system. The reason is that music is therapeutic that is healing. Opinions expressed by Campbell, “music can produce rhythmic stimulants, stimulation is then captured by our sense of hearing and then processed in the nervous system of the body and our brain glands. Then our brains return to organize the sound interpretation into the internal rhythm of the listener. Well, this internal rhythm affects the metabolism of the human body which ultimately makes the process work better.

3. Reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is an old brain whose indications can be seen are beginning to experience memory loss even drastically. Rhythmic music is believed to be able to maintain our brain function. This rhythm makes our brain’s nerve cells work, a feeling of comfort and calm will arise which makes the brain work optimally. If it continues to be done, then our thinking ability will be maintained even more clearly and sharply in thinking.

4. Relaxation of mind. The rhythmic stimuli produced by music are also able to make the mind more relaxed, and also generate positive feelings, comfortable, calm and optimistic to be happy.