Things you might want to know about the mini bike

Basically, the way the motorbike works is not so different from a motorcycle in general, but with a miniature form. Power on the engine is channeled through the chain, there are also suspensions, starters, and other features. In addition to the above, there are several more that should be known. In fact, most people don’t know this. For example, whether the mini bike still needs side oil or not, and whether the mini motorbike is also equipped with vehicle documents.

What is the fuel?

Of course, all motorized vehicles need fuel, not least mini motorbikes. The question then is, what fuel can be used?

An owner said that fuel can be of any type.

Gasoline consumption can be anything, from Premium to Pertamax, except Solar. But it is mixed with side oil. So when filling one liter of gasoline, mix the two oil without the three full bottle caps.

Can it be modified?

Like any other motorbike, a mini motor can be modified in such a way that its performance increases. Modified to make it faster too.

With this modification, the mini motor can go up to 70 to 80 km/hr. In the standard version, the mini motorbike can generally only reach speeds of 50 km / h.

In addition to the engine, modifications can also be made to the exhaust. As is known, the standard mini motor emits very noisy sounds. By replacing the exhaust, the resulting sound can be smoother.

Mini motorcycles use letters?

Another important thing that is often asked of mini motorcycle sellers is whether this motorbike is also equipped with letters such as vehicle registration or not. Many asked for completeness of the documents before buying a mini motorbike.

This is because the mini motorbike does not need letters at all. The reason is, this product belongs to the category of toys.

The consequences cannot be used on the highway. This type of motorbike can only be used on village streets or complexes. If you meet the police, you don’t get ticketed, but usually, the user is asked to move.