Know this before you visit Oman

Oman is not a tourist destination that is so attractive to most Asians. Lose popular compared to neighboring countries, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. To the extent that Asians are still confused, where is Oman? But in this country in the Arabian Peninsula, we can still see a very thick Arab culture. In fact, in its capital, Muscat, the number of expatriates is more than the original population. Nature is also diverse so Oman is nicknamed Jewel of Arabia. Aside from that, go to if you need to learn Arabic online quickly.

Entering Oman via Muscat International Airport (MCT) Airport is also very easy for Asians. For tourist purposes, there is no need to apply for a visa first. Simply arrange a visa on arrival when arriving at the airport. No need to show proof of flight or lodging. Only submit a passport and OMR fee of 5 or
12.5 USD. That’s for a 10-day visit. If more than 10 days it costs OMR 20 and multi-entry OMR 50 with a validity period of one year.

Since March 21, 2018, local authorities issued a new policy on visas to Oman. Any application for a tourist visa or short visit will only be served online. So there is no visa on arrival (VoA). But the terms and submissions are easy. For more information, see the e-visa Oman website.