The traditional remedies for curing diarrhea

Diarrhea should not be underestimated, acute diarrhea can cause a person to become dehydrated. Dehydration is a lack of fluid in the body and causes some health problems. Diarrhea also occurs regardless of age and time. If diarrhea is not treated in children under five, it can cause death. The death rate from diarrhea in developing countries is around 2.6 million people each year. Whenever diarrhea can attack young children, young people and the elderly at the same time. Diarrhea is a familiar disease and many people have experienced it. Not infrequently people experience diarrhea more than twice during their lives. So do the right way to deal with diarrhea, before it’s too late. Nature provides a variety of plants that can be used to treat diarrhea. Here are various kinds of traditional herbs that are useful as the :

First potion

The first ingredient is to provide ingredients in the form of coconut oil one tablespoon, six peppers, 6 betel leaves. The way to make it is all the ingredients are smoothed. After that, it is rubbed on the stomach. This herb can reduce pain in the stomach and also eliminate diarrhea in a person’s body.

Second potion

The second recipe uses ingredients in the form of two ripe mangosteens, take the skin. 3 glasses of water and honey. How to make it is mangosteen skin washed thoroughly, boiled using 3 cups of clean water. Wait until it boils and leaves the water in half. Strain and then add honey. Stir well.