The factors that make delivery service arrives late

The spread of the online shop business in this country turned out not only to provide benefits to online business people but also in other fields namely freight forwarding services. So an online shop business involves at least three parties in it, the first party is the online shop itself, the second party is the consumer or customer, and the third party is certainly the owner of the courier philippines service. But unfortunately, the collaboration between these three parties is not always running smoothly. This problem is more often caused by third parties, which are the late delivery of goods in the process of delivering goods. How could this happen?


The following causes of delays in the delivery of goods, both because of the error factor of the shipping service and its customers:

Lack of Number of Employees

Lack of a number of employees in charge of making the shipping process will experience delays. This is because some companies are reluctant to increase the number of employees even though users of freight forwarding services are increasing.

Peak season

This does not happen every day but only on certain days, such as certain holidays or celebrations. But the increase in the number of shipments in a very large frequency also still overwhelms service providers even though there are many employees.

Information about the address

This error is most often underestimated by consumers that is incomplete in filling out information about the address. Or even worse, sometimes consumers describe the address because they do not check in detail first. In this country alone, there are many street names or the same regional names. Therefore, filling in the exact address and zip code is very important.

Information about names and contacts

Not only the address, name, and contact are also important information that must be included when shipping goods. To name, try to include the full name and can be added with a nickname if it exists. In addition, the telephone number of the sender and the recipient of the item must also be available. This is to facilitate the courier to confirm if certain problems occur, for example, it is difficult to find the location of the intended destination.