Avoid Some of These Mistakes When You Decorate a Condominium

Today, many people choose to live in a condo or apartment rather than in a house. This is due to several reasons that underlie them to choose a condo rather than a private home. One reason they are comforting. In fact, there are condominiums that you can choose, namely uptown @ farrer. Comfort is indeed the number one factor when you choose a condo or apartment.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who are wrong in decorating their condos or apartments. In fact, some of them consider that decorating an apartment or uptown @ farrer is not something that is important to do. In fact, there are some mistakes that many people make when decorating a condo or apartment, such as

1. Install the curtain too low
Some people choose to install curtains low even to the floor. This should not be done because it will make the room have a narrow and small impression. All you have to do is let the curtains hang and make the room look as if it is spacious and relieved.

2. Choosing furniture too big and small
The most obvious mistake is the improper selection of furniture sizes. Some use furniture that is too big and small, which reduces the balance in the room. We recommend using furniture of the same size, so as to maintain the visual balance displayed.

3. Feel free to use patterns
Some people feel hesitant to use a pattern in the decoration of their studio apartment because worry will make the room look smaller. However, using a pattern in a small room can be an interesting attraction in the room.

4. Excessive use of wall accessories
Want to turn on every wall in your apartment? Combine art, with a personal touch. Like using paintings, and some memorable photos that you have. That way can create a warm impression but also attract attention when others see it.